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Catherine is the daughter Robert, who continues to devote to her mentally ill father. She drops out of college several times because of the relationship with her father, a brilliant mathematician before he goes mad. Catherine constantly worries that she would have inherited Robert’s mental disease and gradually she becomes more eccentric. Although her relationship with Robert cannot be seen as a conventional and warm one between daughter and father, Catherine and Robert do share a strong bonding with mutual love.
Catherine is a round character as she changes as the play progresses. She gradually transforms from a dedicated college drop-out to an anxious woman who constantly questions her own mental stability. Perceiving the situation through Catherine’s point of view, the audience is not entirely sure that Robert is dead until later when the characters discuss the solved math puzzle hidden upstairs. The scene where Robert talks to Catherine while holding a champagne bottle is eerie in the sense that Catherine is unable to escape from her father’s shadow.
Similar to Catherine, Robert is also a round character even though he does not experience much growth in the play, despite the fact that he continues to behave like a living person in Catherine’s mind. The audience sees Robert not only as a madman but also the dynamic and vibrant mathematician who he once was. In addition, some of his lines are extremely thought provoking which continue to fascinate the audience.
Claire, on the other hand, is vibrant because of her domineering personality, which draws a sharp contrast with Catherine’s more subdued nature. She is, however, a flat character as there seems to be little depth beyond her domination. She remains convinced that Catherine is mentally ill, and at the end she is almost unable to accept that her sister is also a great mathematician.