My Personal Statement – Personal Statement Example

My Personal ment From my childhood days itself, my father and mother used to say that I was so interested in self-development measures. At that time, I was not aware of self-development. But now, I feel that self-development is interconnected to my character. Besides, my family circumstance was so liberal and I had ample chance for mingling with people (say, intercultural interaction) from different cultures. My aim is to obtain fulltime position as an IT or Computer Engineer. So, I am aware of the importance of Human Resource Development as major subject. I very well know that the best possible way to attain my aim is to get admission in Rochester Institute of Technology.
As pointed out, my future career goals include fulltime position as an IT or Computer Engineer. James Duban opines that choosing a suitable major helps one to achieve one’s career goal (Duban 35). Then, why I wish to choose HRD from Rochester Institute of Technology? The answer is simple because HRD as major subject is interconnected to my personal interest. One can see that combination of career goals and personal interest leads to success in one’s life.
My language skills include proficiency in Arabic and English (written and spoken). My computer skills include proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft office suite and Windows Operating System. Besides, I have high typing speed on keyboard (Arabic & English). My work experience includes experience as bank trainee at Al-Bilad Bank. I have prior experience in banking procedures and systems training, troubleshooting high level driver/OS issues for computers systems, deep understanding of simple networks, managing office equipments and phone systems, training on GLOBUS Bank Financial System, on strategic systems for public financial policies and networking experience with colleagues and executives within the industry. My volunteer experiences include nomination and service as a college cultural and social activity Officer, nomination as student leader to exhibitions and off campus lectures, and televised speech on the importance of efficient computer systems. My professional development includes a number of training programs. For instance, "Strategic Plan for charities Offices", Asia Training Center 2008, "Future Plan", King Saud University, Riyadh, 2007, "Personal Styles and understanding of psychologists", Generations of development and training center, 2007, "Creative Thinking" Smart Experiences center, 2007, "Leadership Skills", Hayat Training Center, 2005, etc.
My previous academic performance is satisfactory (B. Sc of Information Systems, College of Computer Sciences and Information, King Saud University Riyadh – 2008).
As an individual who is so interested in intercultural interaction, I very well know that American society is multicultural. Besides, my career goals and personal interest will help me to be a successful student at Rochester Institute of Technology.
Duban, James. Be a College Achiever: The Complete Guide to Academic Stardom. Canada: Trafford Publishing, 2005.