My Personal Statement – Personal Statement Example

October 12, Dear admission committee, Please allow me to introduce myself. My is Ammar Akeel AlAkeel and I am deeply interested in attending Shenandoah University. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I work hard at everything I do and believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well. I think you will find my grades and life experience would recommend me strongly for this field of study. I love the community atmosphere in small towns. Thats the main reason I have applied to Shenandoah.
Although I feel I have learned a lot so far, I am fully aware that in order to follow my career goals, I still need to expand my perspective and acquire further knowledge in my field. There is always more to be done. I will need to have a very good credential to succeed in this field. That is why I am applying for this program, which has a very high reputation. That makes me feel good. I admit that my GPA is not the highest; that is because I studied for my undergraduate degree in English, and hadnt previous had a good education in English.
What sort of person am I? Friends would describe me as punctual, ethical, and deeply concerned about friends and family. I’m personable and enjoy socializing. They would also say that I am a curious individual with a love of learning. Ever since I was little, I have loved exploring and learning new things. I found it incredibly exciting. What I like in particular about my subject of study is that the “exploring” and learning that goes on can actually help improve people’s lives.
I have worked hard at school so far, and overcomed difficulties. At the moment I am studying for an MBA at Pittsburg State university, but I cant complete my degree because I couldnt get a high score in GMAT. But now I am redoubling my efforts. I never give up.
Today I am focused on my future. I’ve learned a lot from the past, about what stays with you and what doesn’t, and I want to make a new life for myself at Shenandoah. I have my heart set on it.
Thank you for your consideration,
Ammar Akeel AlAkeel