Personal Statement-MSc In Kinesiology/Health Sciences – Personal Statement Example

If there is anything that gives contentment to a person, it is watching his/her plans in life unfurl and attaining his or her goals. Following one’s path that opens for him/her the chance of meeting his/her academic goals, getting the chance to utilize the acquired knowledge and ultimately making positive contributions in one’s field of specialization is the driving force within people’s lives, not forgetting mine. I have been looking forward to pursue and outrival in a Master of Science in Kinesiology/Health Sciences. I am requesting admission for this course particularly because I have an interest of becoming more proficient and directly involved in the promotion of the much-needed public health.
I hold a Bachelor of Education in health and Physical Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology and I believe that these have given me fundamental knowledge that will be of great help upon my enrolment for an MSc in Kinesiology. Currently, I am pursuing a Master of Education program and with time, I strongly feel that pursuing an MSc in Exercise Sciences fits my scholarly interests better.
My research interests include promoting health and physical activity in schools’ system and policy, in the community and in rehabilitation settings; bioethics and social policy; how physical activity and psychological well-being relate both in children and in adults; the dissemination of messages on physical activity in the mass media; as well as children and youths physical activity and health environments.
My personal research interests include exercise and cardiovascular health, central and peripheral limitations to exercise; cardiac rehabilitation; muscle health and adaptation; mitochondrial function; cardio-respiratory physiology; cellular response to exercise; central and peripheral limitations to exercise; cardiac rehabilitation; and regulation and expression of stress/heat shock proteins in striated muscle.
Research in these areas would make abundant contributions to the society as a whole – the information obtained from the research would contribute in the promotion of physical health and wellness and would contribute to high performance sport. Furthermore, it would assist with community fitness planning as well as in the development of specialized exercise programs. Concisely, it would bring insight and awareness by providing solutions, clearing pain and stresses, which would ultimately enable people to reach their full potential.
Pursuing a Master of Science in Kinesiology in your institution would give me more hands-on experience – the support, excellent training and exposure that I would get from interacting with more experts in this field would enable me be the best I can be. My hard work, my open mindedness, curiosity, willingness to learn, attention to details and a strong desire to excel will be important tools as I study. I hope that you will consider my application and grant me the chance of doing what I love most: adding life to people’s days.