Personal Study Plan – Personal Statement Example

Personal Study Plan Art has always been a part of my blood and I feel proud to be associated with it. I am a Korean currently enrolled in the Art College of New York where I am pursuing my studies as an undergraduate student. With all the hard work that I have put in for my education, I want to reach to levels of perfection in my field. This is one of the reasons why I have chosen Waseda University in Japan for pursuing my studies since it offers the highest standards of learning and is one of the most reputable universities in the world.
Art has no boundaries and Waseda University will actually assist in providing me with a new and diverse culture which will further polish and modify my skills in the field. The university will not only provide me with academic excellence but its prime location in the heart of Tokyo city will provide me with exposure to boost my artistic talents. The architectural built of the university with no boundaries is itself a compelling feature for an art student since it shows the maintenance of direct contact with the outside world. The professionals at the university and seminars will provide me with a perfect guidance of how to achieve the best out of my skills.
My high educational achievements make me a suitable candidate for the university where I will again work my best to attain high levels in my area of study. Also for adapting better to the atmosphere I will pursue a language course to learn Japanese for a year and then move on to do my graduation. All aspects of the university attract me as an art student to continue with my future studies there and I really look forward to it.