Please Provide A Statement (250 Words Minimum) That Addresses Your Reasons For Transferring And The – Personal Statement Example

Client’s 29 January I have always had set objectives in life, education for me is the priority. I have grown up believing that education can changes lives and there are several examples of the same, there is a lot that should be learned at school. School is a place where children learn values, ethics and many more very important things.
Better education is something that I have always strived for, I am keen to learn as many things as I possibly can and I am also convinced that there is no other institution than a school where we can learn important values in life. Gaining knowledge is also a prime objective of mine; this will also be achieved when I get an opportunity to study in a good school.
I also firmly believe that one can learn a lot from their peers, a better school would have better peers and I am very sure I am going to learn so much from them. A better school would also have better teachers and teachers are role models, all it takes is an exceptional teacher to change a life permanently, I have always believed so.
Better facilities are also provided to children at good schools, I look forward to seeing the library because I will have access to exceptional books which will help me become an exceptional human being, which I have always dreamt about. These are some of my main objectives and I am sure with my hard work and perseverance I will be able to achieve everything.