Asian Americans – Research Paper Example

The Asian and Pacific Islander This report illustrates the demographics, lifestyle, cultural makeup, financial background, education, and major careers of Asian and Pacific Islander population which is one of the major ethnic groups in the United States. The term “Asian” refers to those having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia or Indian subcontinent while Pacific Islander refers to those having origins in any of the original peoples of Hawaii, Cuam, Samoa, or other Pacific Islands (U.S. Census Bureau 2002).
As compared to non-Hispanic Whites, Asian and Pacific Islander population is young and the majority of it falls under the age18-60. The family structure is also notable as most of the families among this group comprise only two members. Regarding the economic condition of the families, among married-couple families, 44 percent of this group has incomes of $75,000 or more (U.S. Census Bureau 2002).
Another significant feature of Asians and Pacific Islander is that people are mainly concentrated in Managerial and Professional areas. In the same way, women participation in labor is almost equal to that of men in all areas. For instance, more than 65% of this group is engaged in Technical, sales, administrative, managerial and professional fields; and people hardly engage in traditional jobs like farming, forestry and fishing. It indicates their standard of living in the society.
As majority of them are engaged in status jobs in the society, their financial background is comparatively strong. According to U.S Census Bureau (2002), there are only 14.3% married couple families who have incomes of less than $25,000.
The cultural aspects also make the group unique. For example, more than 45% of the members have earned at least a college degree; and among the remaining part, more than 10% holds less than high school education and other members possess high school education or more. As it is in the case of employment, women of this segment vie with men in the field of education.

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