Computer Education For Particular Group – Research Paper Example

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) can be used as a catalyst for economic and social development in the modern society. It can be used to improve the economic and social living conditions of the society at large or even a section of it. In the 21st Digital Century businesses, non-profit organisations, and governments around the world are relying on ICT for achieving its aims and obligations towards the society and stakeholders. This study looks at the implementation of information technology and information systems by government organisations in Australia in relation to the development of the Indigenous population in the country. Studies (such as done by Taylor) shows that ICT should be used as a tool, not only for commercial ventures, but for the overall development of the society. It can be seen that the indigenous population in the country is seen as a separate social class and the teaching syllabus is based on the assumption that they are not equipped to become a part of the mainstream Australian society. The paper shows that there is enough literature to provide that an ICT infrastructure can provide a strong foundation for the development of any society or class in any country. This implies that ICT can be used for the overall development of the Indigenous community also. In this context, it is essential that all the stakeholders involved, including the Indigenous community be involved in the development an information technology infrastructure. Moreover, a networked system whereby relevant knowledge is made available to its members should also be put in place. The government should make attempts to preserve the Indigenous knowledge developed over centuries using ICT. There are also issues of commoditization of Indigenous knowledge, culture, and art by unscrupulous entrepreneurs. There is also an apparent digital divide with regard to the usage of information technology when comparing the Indigenous population and the White immigrants in Australia. The current educational system shows that school dropouts among the Indigenous population are also high in comparison. This study is intended to create a situation where ICT can be implemented for the overall and sustainable development of the Indigenous community in Australia. The study is focused on resolving the above mentioned issues that an effective ICT can solve in the long run.