Contemporary Issues And Life-long Learning – Research Paper Example

The article is d “ Can Na chnology make for Greener Aerospace?” and written by Bahram Farahmand ,Chief Scientist at Technical Horizon Inc,which was published last 2008 at Mechanical Engineering Magazine. Nowadays, the application of nanotechnology has permeated all types of industry as well as military applications. Ever since nanotechnology was conceptualized in 1986 by Eric Drexier in his famous work Engines of Creation; ( Uldrich, 2002), the aviation industry has been following the suit of the military in using this for commercial airline development especially nowadays when the industry is besieged by financial pressures. The consequence of which is finding materials for aircraft that would result to greater fuel efficiency without compromising aviation safety.
Nanotechnology fits into the picture since the material is renowned for making things lighter and sturdier but it is a different ballgame when it comes to aviation safety. So far, the article presents current research being done to come up with a hybrid material wherein nano-particles would be embedded in polymer which is dine using a costly trial-and-error method. It was also suggested in the article to use the atomic force microscope (AFM) to validate another model since the trial and error method is costly and time-consuming. However, the writer proposes that if the model works out, it would still take more further studies to establish the use of such polymer for real life application. For one, safety is not warranted by the said model that is why further tests are needed. Nevertheless, coming up with the use of nano assembled alloys is highly efficient since millions of dollars can be saved over a plane’s lifetime as computed by the writer. Indeed, the article presents hope for the ailing aviation industry but passenger safety must never be compromised at all costs.
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