Current Issues In Virtual Communicatio – Research Paper Example

Issues on Virtual Communication Virtual technologies have changed the way people communicate (Wamalwa, 2007). Virtual communication has become central to the lives of different people (“Virtual,” n.d.). Nonetheless, no matter how amazing and useful are the virtual technologies, they have negative effects to the society.
Nowadays, the internet is the most exhausted virtual technology. Through it, people all over the globe can communicate and one can search for as many information as possible. However, beyond this valuable consideration, there are security issues link on using the internet. Frank Grippo and Joel Siegel (2001) have stated that an individual or corporation must be aware at all times with regard to “the security of each transaction” such as sending and receiving files using the internet. This is due to the fact that “there will always be unscrupulous people who will steal whatever they can get their hands on” such as computer hackers (Grippo & Siegel, 2001). To prevent being hacked, it is advised to formulate a security planning which must involve the following: prevention (creating passwords), detection (detecting security failure) and recovery (reinstalling programs and backed-up data) (Grippo & Siegel, 2001).
Another widely used virtual technology is the cellular or mobile phone. Almost all the people in the globe have this telecommunication device. Currently, the installment of a tracking device to some mobile phones has been questioned by some users contending a violation of their right to privacy. This is based on the idea that through the tracking device, the mobile phone service providers can trace wherever the users will go, who are they talking with and what are the messages contained in their phones (Charny, 2002). In one sense, installing tracking devices can actually help someone who has lost a cell phone. Accordingly, the information stored in the tracking device should only be accessed for justifiable reasons or when public safety so requires.
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