Fire And Explosions – Research Paper Example

ARSON The actions taken at the crime scene of an explosion or arson can make all the difference in solving the crime. Like many other crime scene thecollection of evidence must be done in a very careful manner and very methodically. One false step and the evidence may be ruined.
Most fires start at a low intensity and burn outward, so it possible to determine where a fire actually started. Once this information is uncovered, it is possible to determine how it started. Sometime there is obvious physical evidence such as a gas can or a book of matches. Other times it is more difficult to tell. Certain types of fires have different signatures and this too can be introduced in court via expert testimony.
Preserving this kind of physical evidence from an explosion or arson is vital in getting a conviction. In an explosion it might be shrapnel, in a fire it might be matches or some other starter device. Its important to keep the evidence sealed in an air-tight container to avoid its contamination. In order to stand up in court, the evidence cannot have been tampered with. The evidence can be analyzed in a lab. The chemical or physical properties may reveal how long the fire burned, its intensity, and where it started. These kinds of tests are usually very reliable. Any test done in a controlled environment by an experienced professional will interest a court.
All of this information should be considered when entering an explosion or arson crime scene.