Innate Sex Differences – Research Paper Example

It had often been assumed that boys and girls take on cliched interests according to their gender because of how they are raised and what is expectedof them. Though this makes sense as society tries to label activities and interests based on gender, there are many people that eventually grow up to enjoy activities that are thought to be more interesting or appropriate to the opposite gender. For example, a girl enjoying cars and racing, or a boy taking up cooking or dancing. Even at birth if a girl takes immediately to a face and a boy takes to a machine, there is nothing to suggest that that girl will not throw aside her baby doll for a toy car in later years, or that the boy will give up his toy cars for a cooking set.
While gender-appropriate toys or activities do exist, people everyday, especially children, are fighting against those stereotypes. Gender labels date back to when it was assumed that only men could be doctors and females should be teachers, or even just stay-at-home moms. Nowadays, females are doctors and the fathers are staying at home with their children while the mothers work. This holds true for the gender-based interests of children. Boys are expected to play with cars and girls are expected to play with dolls, but nothing says that a boy cannot play with a doll or a girl cannot play with a toy car.
Gender differences may be something that infants have before they take their first breath, but there is still every chance that these differences play no role in later years. Regardless of how they act or feel when they are born, they become their own person and learn to think for themselves as they get older. I believe this change is more important than the initial behavior of the person when they are born as it shows that they can fight the gender stereotypes and become their own person. Despite who they are the second they are born, they can still become an individual as they get older.