Leadership – Research Paper Example

Running head: EMERGENCE OF A LEADER Module: Lecturer: Emergence of a Leader – Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi World history offers two good examples of leaders whose rise to their positions was influenced by various situations that existed at the time. These leaders are Nelson Mandela from South Africa and Mahatma Gandhi from India. They both led their countries to gaining independence and to date they stand as heroes and examples not only to their countries but to the rest of the world.
Gandhi after receiving his education from England went back to India where he found a contract to work in South Africa. There he faced intense racial discrimination termed as apartheid (Brown, 1989). He then led Indians there to peacefully protest against this and successfully ensured that Indians’ rights in South Africa were upheld. He later went to India to spread this course where he faced harsh treatment and imprisonment from the British. In 1947 India gained independence as a result of his led struggle (Brown, 1989).
Mandela on the other hand was quite clear on his goal of liberating South Africa by all means possible. He was a lawyer by profession and he led a massive rebellious movement that used sabotage to frustrate the colonial rule. As a result he was imprisoned for life in 1963 and released 27 years later after which he relentlessly championed for what he had been imprisoned for according to Richard (2009). Richard (2009) further says that this rebellion led to the colonialists accepting the fact that South Africans could stop at nothing in liberalizing their country and in 1994 Mandela was elected the first black president of South Africa.
Looking into the two leaders, it is clear that the colonial and oppressive nature of the rule at the time coupled with their education backgrounds formed a good basis for them to turn out as they did.
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