Leonard Da Vinci – Research Paper Example

Leonard Da Vinci Renowned Italian mathematician, philosopher, musician, architect, scientist, engineer and sculptor of 16th century i.e. Leonardo DaVinci is regarded as one of the most influential and famous painters the world has ever produced. His magnum opus painting under the title Mona Lisa captured the attention of the entire world, which earned him distinguished place as the most talented and genius painter of his time. His mastery in multiple fields and professions proves him as most distinguished and outstanding human of all times and regions of the globe. His deep study of human anatomy, skull, bones and even child’s growth in the womb (i.e. human fetus) during early years of 16th century are really amazing and astounding for the researchers and readers alike, and the scientists of contemporary era of technological advancement startles at the accomplished made by this born intellectual of all times. Leonardos talents and training as a sculptor came in handy during this time. He filled cavities like the brain and the heart with wax and made plaster casts of them; in this way he could establish their true shapes. Leonardo can claim to be the first man to show the correct shape of the spine and the tilt of the pelvis. (Quoted in lairweb.org.nz)
Human Anatomy by Leonardo
Leonardo portrayed many sketches of Holy Christ, which show his sheer love for Christ on the one hand, and his command over drawing Biblical personalities and imaginative events and themes on the other. He drew the sketches of the arrival of magi at the eve of Christ’s birth, Christ’s baptism, the Last Supper and others, which affirm Leonardo as theologian too.
The Last Supper drawing by Leonardo
Besides all these achievements and accomplishments, Leonardo also wrote many books on different topics, which are still taught at various levels of studies all over the world. Though he worked on multiple disciplines and fields and drew several portraits, pictures and sceneries, yet it is his Mona Lisa which touched heights of glory and fame for the great artist. The picture looks as the paragon of innocence, simplicity and beauty, and at once captivates the eyes of the viewer.
The amusement, smile and sovereignty in the portrait makes Mona as a high class lady with unflinching confident as well as a remarkable mental condition. The mellowness of the painting is striking and highly impressive one. (http://leonardo-da-vinci.paintings.name/) Hence, the superb accomplishments in several fields of arts and science make Leonardo Da Vinci as one of the greatest personalities in the history of the world.
Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci1452-1519 Garden of Praise: Free Educational Materials http://gardenofpraise.com/art17.htm
Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa http://leonardo-da-vinci.paintings.name/