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Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Ludwig Mies was one of the most wonderful architects and builders of twentieth century, who startled the world by designing and constructing magnificent buildings and architectural work in different parts of the world. He earned great name and fame by dint of his gifted talent and command over building superb and exquisite edifices including Farnsworth house, twin towers, Barcelona Pavilion New York and many other remarkable buildings as well as innovative furniture designs of various types which captured the gazes and feelings of the observers and visitors alike. ( Consequently, hiring the services of this astounding architect had become status symbol among the elite stratum of the USA and Europe during 1940s onward till his death in 1969. Ludwig not only applied the tradition Bauhaus school of art and design, but also kept the novel American construction style too in his mind. It is why his designs present the marvelous blend of German-American architecture. The famous Barcelona chrome-plated black- leathered easy chair, MR Armchair and others are also invented by this brilliant architect in 1929, which is still being manufactured by Knoll International. (Quoted in
Being an arch-admirer of the beauties of artistic splendor and innovative brilliance, I particularly love the towers, Seagram Building and pavilions developed by Mies. However, Farnsworth House Illinois is my heart favorite edifice. Built by Mies in 1951, it is situated near Plano, Illinois, and is viewed as one of the most famous examples of modernist and unprecedented domestic architecture. ( The splendid Farnsworth House symbolizes artistic zenith of Mies every aspect of which is worthy to observe. The concept of wide patio, long trees and plants in the buildings is also the trend introduced by Mies. It is therefore his contemporary and future designers imitate the patterns adopted and established by Mies in the fields of architecture and furniture designing.

farnsworth house, plano, illinois
ludwig mies van der rohe
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