Project Management Paper – Research Paper Example

Project Management The organization I work with is Combat Services, Canada. It deals with the provision of security guards and surveillance equipment to the customers. Licensed by the Government of Canada, it was established in year 2000. Security guards are provided at rent for a specific time period. Surveillance equipment is sold. A full fledge computerized database is maintained that records information regarding employees, customers, security guards, inventory, companies from which equipment is bought and employees’ salaries. The mission of the organization is to empower the safekeeping marketplace by providing extremely trained security guards and highly professional security equipment.
Project Management (PM) is the “planning, scheduling and controlling” of limited resources to achieve certain goals regarding “cost, schedule, performance and scope” (Lewis, 2004, p. 8). Simply put, PM deals with defining the problem, scheming out a plan, and managing the job in accordance with the plan (Entrepreneur Media, 2010). The main task of project managers is to choose appropriate PM tools to make the project work advance efficiently, assess project information and supervise project team activities (Hill, 2007, p. 56).
My organization had a manual database which the chief wanted to convert to a computerized one. Thus, we made a team of professionals, held sessions to make them understand the concepts of PM, gave them a time frame in which the results were to be achieved, discussed their charges, and set them to work. The team worked efficiently according to the theories of PM and provided us with an error free computerized database.
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