Should Capital Punishment Needs To Be Reinforce In The Bahamas – Research Paper Example

Argumentative Paper on Capital Punishment Introduction Undoubtedly, Bahamas is one of the beautiful islands of the world that has resulted in enormous number of tourists to it every year. However, statistics has indicated that this island has been confronting many difficulties due to higher rate of crime that is causing adverse impact on various aspects of Bahamas. Not only did it set the homicide records in 2007 and 2009, it is already on its way to set a record for 2010, which will be its third record in just four years. There were forty-seven slaughters during the first six months of 2010 and the homicide count can be near to hundred by the end of 2010 (The Freeport News, 2010). All this indicates an urgent need of effective solution, and thus, law enforcement agencies and authorities of criminal justice system are now thinking about reinforcement of capital punishment in Bahamas that has now become an essential step to reduce the rate of crime in the island. On the other hand, one can observe a huge debate in terms of such reinforcement as it includes the right of a state to take life of a human, and thus, this topic always has been a notion of importance in almost every era. In this regard, this paper will argue in favor of reinforcement of Capital Punishment in Bahamas, and will propose points to conclude the argument in favor.
Ethical Perspective
Major arguments regarding the capital punishment have focused over the authority of state to take someone’s life, and whether capital punishment should be an option or not. According to statistics of the year 2007, approximately sixty countries are practicing capital punishment in their justice systems for crimes such as murder, fraud, rape, etc.
A number of experts are promoting capital punishment and have indicated that even holy scriptures have indicate capital punishment as the ideal tool to handle criminals, and if Book of God advocates a tool, it will certainly be effectual for the society.
Experts have discussed that it is hundred times better to enforce capital punishment to a criminal than to let him/her to put innocent lives at risk.
Trickledown Effect on Criminals
It will permanently incapacitate the criminal and then, it will put the fear of death in the criminals who have become bold enough to commit such crimes in the daylight.
Even if countless executions of heinous criminals will save only one innocent life, the execution is reasonable (Newton, pp.52-54).
In this regard, capital punishment will play a crucial role in protecting innocent people from criminals that move freely in the society in absence of penalties such as that of capital punishment.
Impact on Society
Statistical Analysis of Capital Punishment is not possible; however, one can easily observe huge impact of death penalty on the society
Capital Punishment will result in a sense of security and safety in lives of public
Tourism will once again enhance.
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