Technical Communication Methods And Practices Paper – Research Paper Example

Identify the technological tools that might be used in the communication process… This mini-paper is going to describe critical incident management technology based communication tools used by the officer. It is tricky yet worthwhile to plan in advance how to communicate with other officers and departments in case of sudden business incidents. The communications manager needs to be trained in the tools used for sending information to staff. The basic communication tools would be mobile phones and computer systems or laptops with a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection to the office. Internet has made possible very sophisticated networked communication for widespread on-site problem solving. E-mails and chat and hosting services are the fastest ways of communication between offices and departments during critical incidents. For group meetings and discussions, conference calls are a good solution. Web conferencing provides audio and visual means of communicating with remote employees. Google Talk and Skype are examples of technology based communication tools that can be used in incident management communication for one-to-one meetings. For group meetings, good examples of technological tools would be Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro, Wimba, and Yugma. For communication with staff that is on the move and does not have instant access to phone line or internet, for example in hotels or at airports, a good consideration is wireless connectivity. IP-based communication tools like Voice, Video, Data and LMR Interoperability communication solutions can also be deployed. Other examples of technological tools that the officer can use in the process include listserves, intranet or the company’s website, real time captioning and instant messaging. All of these technological tools are reliable, fast and cheap, and serve well in case of incident when rapid communication is needed.