The War Between US And Iraq – Research Paper Example

The war between US and Iraq Even though former American president George Bush Jr. cited many reasons for justifying the attack on Iraq on 2003 by America, none of his arguments were proved correct even now. Bust accused Iraq or Saddam for possessing weapons of mass destructions like the chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. But nothing has been captured from Iraq even after the execution of Saddam Husain.
“Even before the first day of the Persian Gulf crisis George Bush and the Pentagon wanted to wage war against Iraq. The Bush administration, on behalf of the giant oil corporations and banks, sought to strengthen its domination of this strategic region” (Becker). In fact Bush administration started planning to attack Iraq immediately after election victories of George Bush Jr. Bush attacked Iraq mainly to take revenge upon Saddam for harassing his father Bush Sr. in an earlier encounter. Moreover, America was facing severe troubles because of the exhausting oil resources and the increasing automobile use. Drinking water shortage was also a main problem in America. On the other hand, Iraq was blessed with immense oil resources and fresh water resources. By attacking Iraq, America mainly targeted these natural resources of Iraq even though they never cited it as a reason.
As planned, United State succeeded in giving capital punishment to Saddam Husain, but they forced to sacrifice the lives of thousands of American soldiers in Iraq. Moreover, thousands of innocent Iraqis were also forced to sacrifice their lives in this war. The conspiracy behind this war may not be proved even in future since America succeeded in putting a toy government in Iraq. In short, the 2003 Iraq war was a pre-planned one and many conspiracies are surrounding it even now.
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