Two Opposing Viewpoints On Women In The Military – Research Paper Example

Information Current Two opposing viewpoints on Women in the Military The book, ‘Women in Military: Flirting with Disaster’ by Brian Mitchell has an embarrassing conservative tone. In my opinion, Brian Mitchell has only argued that women have no effective part in the military, as they are degrading the military effectiveness. Mitchell also claimed men are more aggressive than the women. I believe the author has degraded the importance of having women in the armed forces by terming them passive. Brian Mitchell can be referred as a sexist, because his book stereotyped the institution of the military as male oriented. “They could never see the women as just cadets, and they could never treat women as they treated men. . . . The women were just too hard to hate. Some men could bluster threats and insults from a distance, but when they came face to face with the enemy, they quailed out of natural affection and decency” (Mitchell)
In my viewpoint, the book ‘Women in Military’ by Rita James Simon has only focused on the treatment and role of the women in the military. I think the author wanted to explain only the conditions and problems faced by the women in the military. The only part where I got interested in reading the book is when the author discusses the future of the women in the armed services. “The role, status, and treatment of women is one of the major issues confronting the military today. This volume provides a range of perspectives on the magnitude of concerns, the sources of problems, how issues might best be addressed, and the future for women in the armed services” (James).
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