What Is Oceanic Art – Research Paper Example

Oceanic Art Oceanic art refers to the pieces of art produced and created by the painters, sculptors and artists belonging to the Pacific islands and Oceania. In simple words, all the literary and artistic contributions made by the Pacific penmen, poets, painters and artisans for the production and promotion of the natural, social, cultural and environmental beauty of Pacific islands in the form of art and artifice is declared as the oceanic art. Pacific maintains two major islands including Chamorro and Hawaii in its vast fold. Chamorro is an enormous region, which consists of Mariana Islands including Guam, Saipan, Rota and Tinian. Chamorro is named after the indigenous inhabitants of Mariana. Similarly, indigenous Polynesian people of the Hawaiian island are in large majority in Tahitian, Samoans and Tonga regions. These two wonderful regions of Pacific have been gifted with magnificent natural beauty, which has been depicted in various pieces of art in an elegant and exuberant manner by the talented, gifted and proficient artists.
The artists have dexterity in portraying the images of various locations of Chamorro and Hawaii and their natural meadows, cultivated gardens and fields, ocean life including turtle, dolphin and other fish and indigenous life as well. Sea creatures, both fauna and flora, are also drawn out by the artists in order to perpetuate the natural beauty in the form of colors on canvas and in sculptures. Hence, the age-old masterpieces of art reflect the intellect and brilliance of the aboriginal and indigenous civilization of ancient times. The beauty of the islands have also been perpetuated through brushes and stones. Sea shells and pebbles are also beautifully preserved by developing garlands and ornaments out of it, which reflect the mastery of the skill and proficiency of the oceanic artists.