Female College Students Living In Dorms Who Get Less Than Six Hours Of Nightly Sleep Have Lower – Research Proposal Example

Importance of sleep Sleep is when the body is given a time to take a break from everything and rest. It is the time when the body recharges itself and gets into a state wherein it would prioritize repairing itself and recovering from a day of continuous functioning and work. It has been heard over and over again in different health reports that people should give importance to the number of hours allotted for sleep.
No sleep -- or lack of it -- whether the situation is for a man or woman, the consequences play the same for both genders. Not getting the correct amount of sleep needed for an individual would mean different negative effects on the person’s emotions, thinking capabilities, memory, and overall health. For the female college student who lives in a dorm and sleeps less than the prescribed 6 hours in the least would mean that they would have fluctuations in their health, their thinking, and their emotional state. This would lead to problems with concentration with school work and sooner or later, low grades.
For the female college student who can manage to sleep the minimum number of hours sleeping, it would mean that they had given their body just enough time to repair itself and recuperate from the amount of energy that has been used the previous day. Having being able to fill the body’s need for sleep, the body can perform at its best and allows the female student to work better in the school.