How To Stop Drinking Alcohol – Research Proposal Example

How to stop drinking alcohol Proposal: To stop drinking alcohol in month. Sub goals: (Successive Approximations)
To reduce two drinks every day so that by the end of a week the number of drinks is reduced to zero.
Go for a long walk every day.
Plan gatherings with my family members and my friends almost every day for the month.
Tracking my goal:
Keep a chart for an entire month and write the number of drinks on it even after I have quit the habit.
I will ask my best friend to ensure the fact that I stick to my schedule and I do not deviate from it.
Read the benefits that I receive from the walk as well as the negative points of drinking and write how I feel better every day.
My positive reinforcements:
I will feel happy about the fact that I will no longer be getting any hangovers and headaches after I wake up in the morning and that I will never be late for work and will feel fresh every day and I will ask my colleagues to assist me and encourage me for the improvements that they notice.
The fact that I will be out of the number of people who are at risk of dying from diseases like lung cancers and that I will now have a chance of living a longer healthy life will serve as a motivation and I will ask my family and most importantly my best friend to make me feel how important I am to them and how much they need me and hence my life is precious to them .
I like going out to eat food and try new tastes at different outlets. Hence, the money that I will save by not drinking will be utilized for this. I will go and try something new every day whether it is an ice-cream or a new drink flavour to reward myself.
I will continue this plan for a month and ask everybody to encourage me so that I totally quit drinking.
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