The Family Dynamic Has Substantial And On-going Impact On Child Development. Parenting – Research Proposal Example

The Family Dynamic Has Substantial and On-Going Impact on Child Development. Parenting Characteristics and Their Influence on Schools. The purpose ofthis paper is to present a research proposal on the effect that the family dynamic has child development, effectively drawing parallels between parenting characteristics and their influence on schools.
The format that the research paper will utilize is to identify two relevant journal articles and cluster important points pertaining to the essay topic.
The first article of mention is Subrahamanyam et al. 2001 ‘The impact of computer use and adolescents’ development. The article first highlights that there has been a strong shift in the way that young people are socialized in home environments that are largely different than they were even two decades ago. Children are exposed to a family dynamic that has greatly changed as a result of the internet. In some circumstances children may rely more heavily on the internet as a source of information and may form a substitution for traditional parental advice. The ultimate effect is that on one end of the spectrum some parents could adopt a laissez faire approach and as such the effect could be significant to the schooling environment. Moreover on the other end of the spectrum some parents could adopt a much stricter approach to controlling internet usage in the home environment and as such from this perspective the effect could be significant. In terms of application from the perspective of me being a teacher the impact is that different families may have different perspectives as to what a healthy usage of the internet may be and would require a closer attention to detail.
From a completely different perspective Sandler (2010) highlighted that the current structure of one child families has changed to about one in five families and owing to the current economic climate it may be the case that this percentage may significantly increase. The effect that this has on the family dynamic could theoretically be significant. Many single child families have higher disposable incomes. Moreover these families may pay much closer attention to the individual child. However that is not to say that the learning needs of these children would be different from other students and from my perspective it may be a better understanding of the unique needs of the parents.
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