Paper Descrbing Your Goals As A Professional – Scholarship Essay Example

My goals as a professional Health is perhaps the most basic of all the necessities of life and it is for this reason that I have chosen health care profession as my profession of choice. Health care professionals are a much respected professional group in U.S and it is for this reason that this profession demands a high degree of dedication by its practitioners. The fact that the lives of people depend on the working of doctors attributes a number of serious responsibilities to the profession of doctors.
I plan to achieve a number of goals as a health care professional. First and foremost is the requirement of sound medical knowledge which is required for an efficient practice of the profession. I plan to work hard and gain as much knowledge as possible so as to attain optimum level of knowledge which is required for a practice which is safe for my patients. After this I plan to get myself educated and specialized in my favorite field. This level of education will enable me to impart education to all of my co-worker as well.
My goal is to develop my clinical skills in such a way that I become able to provide individualized care to all of my patients. Apart from this practice I plan to get engaged in activities which will contribute towards my continued professional development. This will help me in staying updated and keeping pace with the growing medical community. I have a firm belief that my addition to the medical community will prove to be beneficial, not only for myself and my patients, but also for the medical community as a whole.