Brand Knowledge And Equity – Term Paper Example

Brand knowledge and Equity Special events such as Super Bowl have grown to become very important product alternatives to many tourist destinations. Thus from small cities hosting traditional cultural activities to big cities competing to stage mega-events such as Super Bowl and the Olympics, such actions have been utilized as products to produce extra visits to a given place. In fact such mega-events can generate extra unique levels of media coverage, economic or prestige impact for the hosting community. Thus to companies events such the Super Bowl is an opportunity to showcase what they have to the world. For instance, after doing a one month TV advert for the first time ever, Heroes Charge-manufacturers of the free mobile game decided to make a much bigger impact which was an advert during TV’s largest advertising event-the Super Bowl (Steel, 2015).
Consequently small businesses can utilize Super Bowl adverts as free market research. This is because consumers usually have an instinctive reaction towards every commercial as well as the branding methods that connect with the audience or ward them off every year. That is why the best adverts are able to hit the mark and look for a technique to efficiently implement aspects of that branding exercise into the business’s entire small business branding strategy. Thus a strong advertisement assists in telling the story of a brand. Nevertheless, there is more to creating a great brand for small businesses than a cleverly crafted campaign just as there is more to a superior Super Bowl commercial.
Whereas big companies such as Budweiser and Toyota have acquired repeat impressions amongst consumers during the Super Bowl, there are other corporations that have generated more buzz because of the powerful messages they created and passed on to the audience. Thus, no matter what type of branding strategy a business employs with their small business, it has to make sure that it delivers on their promises. Thus for instance, a brand should empower the would be consumers and should be built completely around empowering and supporting consumers to be their best.
Thus when a business is branding, it must ensure the message reflects the communication-style of the business and portrays the business’s main mission (Leinbach-Reyhle, 2015).Lastly, branding is not all that obvious, and instead is always frequently about the bigger picture that the business wants to achieve. Though making money is always the main goal, it is important the businesses should mind how they make money and is what actually counts and that includes consumer communication. Branding tactics should be considered carefully so as to achieve the goals of any business.
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