Feedback – Term Paper Example

number Fluor Corporation Case Study I acknowledge the details d in the case study on theFluor Corporation. The company operates in the field on engineering and procurement with most activities revolving around construction, fabrication, project management and maintenance. As indicated, this corporation is well known for having high skilled workforce who ranges from nuclear engineers to common laborers. It is famous for its ability to construct some the most complex structures linked to the heavy industry sectors globally. This company has seen its existence hit a century hence their ability to engage in complex projects. It is good to know that Flour has invested in risk management by use of business risk management framework in order to assess and mitigate any possible risks that may be encountered in project implementation.
The SWOT analysis is crystal clear as various strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats well illustrated. They are the market leaders and have so many innovations around the corporation. In addition, there is a diverse portfolio and promises on sustainability on safety. The opportunities that Fluor is open to including ability to expand due to the global energy demand. Since they are strong in innovation, they will be able to expand. It is evident that the weaknesses that Flour is likely to have are linked to the brand image and ROE hence so much competition and backlogs. Moreover, the government tends to have so many regulations that are likely to prevent them from more expansion.
In reference to the ten-year financial history, it is evident that Flour is utilizing their assets more efficiently every year. Like any other corporations, we see that Flour faces challenges particularly in their contract backlogs. I second the solution that has been given of creating Subsidiary Corporation that will be able to absorb the extra contracts. I am against the second solution that claims that Fluor should take it easy, run the business as usual, and accept the failure since it is a normal thing. In addition, Fluor can hire market analysts who will enable them to calculate the unpredictability of the manufacturing industry and global service.