Music Documentaries In The Pearson Explore (multimedia - Documentaries) – Term Paper Example

From the documentaries, ‘The Renaissance in Europe’ and ‘Renaissance Music’, I have learned that the renaissance era was a period of cultural awakening from all the superstitions and ignorant beliefs of the Middle Ages. I also came to know that it was the beginning of an era of scientific and logical questioning, even what was thought unquestionable. A new wave of energy had surged Europe in that period. I realize that there was experimentation in art, science and philosophy in the renaissance period. And what is more important is that, there was an attempt to make what was until then the privilege of the aristocracy alone, accessible to the common man. For example, everybody got an opportunity to learn to dance. Earlier, to know how to dance properly, was thought of as a symbol of social status. Though this might seem a silly topic to a person who lives in this modern period, it was really a revolution. This single change became part of a bigger change in the public outlook which gradually wiped out the inequalities that existed in the society. And this can be considered as the beginning of real democracy in Europe. When I listened to the event of publication of manuals teaching how to dance properly, I was for a moment, drawn into an imaginary scene of festivities and merry making of that period. Less privileged people, who had never danced in their lives, might have felt hilarious when they for the first time occupied the elegant dancing floor and moved with the music. The linear perspective that emerged in art, the way in which this development promoted realism, and the way in which realism led Europe and rest of the world to humanism has been an amazing progression in the history of human kind. I wish I lived in that period when many noble and magnificent things were experimented with. To live in an era of such cultural flowering might have given me hope and energy that I could not have experienced in my life otherwise. To see humanity wake up to the values of equality, democracy and human dignity might have become a fulfilling experience for me. To live amidst such expanse of hope might have become an experience of life time for me.