Proverty – Term Paper Example

Why You Should Care About Poverty & Welfare Why You Should Care About Poverty & Welfare Poverty is the of lack, that is, individuals lack basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and education. In the United States, poverty has mainly resulted from discrimination. The minority and women fail to receive equal opportunities hence creating a disparity in income distribution that ultimately leaves some people in the society poor. Income disparity is primarily seen in race groupings where whites earn more than their black, Latino and Pacific counterparts. Race and sex are hence major factors in determining salary levels and hence causing disparities; the minority members ending up impoverished.
It is evident that poverty in the USA results from discrimination. The government should hence ensure that individuals are judged or employed based on their skills and knowledge. It should hence condemn; salary disparities based on races and genders, discrimination in housing and also in education. The government should also ensure the provision of essential services like health care to reduce the poor people’s expenditure on such services. The government should also fund education for the poor.
In most cases, government intervention in poverty reduction results in interdependence. The government should hence encourage and provide opportunities for the poor to create independence.
In conclusion, discrimination is the major cause of poverty in the US. I would hence recommend government intervention to ensure that any discrimination in terms of race or gender is eliminated. The government should offer equal opportunities to its citizen and also ensure the private sector does not subject their employees to any discrimination. Without discrimination, all people will be motivated to work hard, and this will reduce poverty levels and the need for government’s assistance. The government will hence be able to participate in economic development projects.
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