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Insert Paper Here Insert Here Concordia The impact of accountability of teachers and and shortage of special education teachers
There has been a concern of the undersupply of teachers of special education and the aim of this review is to analyze the impact of the teachers and students accountability as well as the shortage of special education teachers. For further understanding of the topic, I will seek to explain whether exceptional children require a multi agency approach for an effective education. Also, the review will explain if education commissions should be used for special education policies. Finally I will seek to elaborate whether special education teachers would offer better training under the national body of teachers.
Literature Review
According to Council for Exceptional Children (2014), exceptional children require a top-down multi agency approach for effective education to take place. This is because of the students’ special nature and thus their way of education should be customized to their needs. However, Education Commission of the States (2014) suggests that education commissions could be transformed into key source of special education policy. This will integrate with the already existence policies of education to fully cater for the students with the special needs to avoid any form of omissions or discrimination in the school curriculums. According to the National Association of Special Education Teachers (2007), special needs teachers should share their skills and experiences to the national organization of teachers for the improvement of the special education in schools as this would aid in formulation of better education policies which are all inclusive of the needs of special students.
In conclusion, it is clear that there is need for the involvement of the special need teachers in the formulation of education policies so that they may narrate their experiences and how they deal with the challenges of teaching special students in schools. This will therefore eliminate any form of discrimination of both the special students and as well as their teachers in the schools’ curriculums.
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