Starwood Hotels – Term Paper Example

Topic Starwood hotels Starwood hotels are one of the most famous global hotel companies which have approximately 1200 properties in over 100 countries. It is this same company which has offered employment to many employees. In this case, it has a population of 181,400 employees who have worked in competency to make the company the fastest growing luxury brand portfolio. In respect to its global lifestyle brands it is divided into three parts namely; luxury, upper scale and select service which make it successfully the best. The company has successfully and strictly embraced the aspect regarding to environment. It has therefore set up environmental initiatives within its premises in order to effectively deal with areas of opportunities concerning energy, water, emissions, indoor environmental quality and last but not least, water. It has on the other hand brought up community initiatives which majorly cover long term economic benefits, responding to neighbors in need and thorough involvement in local restoration. The Starwood hotels company has also come up with their Starwood foundation. The foundation has largely helped it to develop strategic partnership and workplace readiness. It also contains human rights and community vitality in order to enhance credibility thus quality/ quantity service and product provision. The company also has an effective running program which is referred to as Starwood Preferred Guest which enables it handle guest properly. This SPG program entails a series of active membership program in which it has approximately 60 percent growth in SPG members over the last five years worldwide. There have been more than half of the SPG members who are situated outside the US versus a third in the year 2008. The SPG on the other hand has a share of occupancy which is at a percentage of fifty.
The company’s strengths are outrageous in that it has a good appetite for luxury hotel which has quite doubled its luxury portfolio in the past six years. In respect to global focus, it has improved and grown both in maturity and emerging markets worldwide. It has also employed a digital innovation covering mobile dialogue (42%C) and enhanced its sustainability since a30% energy and 20% waste reduction has been successfully achieved. Through exploring at the financial analysis, the company has improved debt position and established stronger current assets. It has rapidly achieved better profitability thus improving its premises worldwide. This means that its net income and operating profit has hugely been accumulated globally. On the other hand, better ROE through improved profitability despite less efficient use of equity and assets has been strongly established. Globally, the company has been evaluated and considered as one of the largest hotel and leisure companies in the world. Although it has been subjected to numerous business, financial and operating systems, it has managed risk factors at some level of success. The company has also provided adequate earnings to its shareholders and despite to its recognized risky peers, there has been a continued interest acquisition from stock market globally.
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