How To Change A Small General Hospital Into A Specialized Center Of Excellence For Managing Breast – Thesis Proposal Example

Thesis Proposal: How to Change a Small General Hospital Into a Specialized Center of Excellence for Managing Breast Cancer While most general hospitals have the facilities to provide care, few become well known as specialized medical treatment centers capable of receiving the designation as a center of excellence. In order to determine how a small general hospital can make the conversion to a specialized treatment center, the proposed project will examine existing specialized centers for managing breast cancer in order identify necessary elements of equipment, labour, space, advertisement, research funding, and community support necessary for the development of such a center. Specific case studies will be analyzed to generate a report of necessary elements for the conversion of a small general hospital. Elements of breast cancer care will be identified and specific needs of patients and facilities discussed. The project result will be a general plan that may be utilized by small general hospitals as a basis for planning business, logistic, staffing, and other characteristic concerns associated with conversion to a specialized breast cancer facility or simply improving existent care systems.
The general pathology of breast cancer, its diagnosis, treatment, and surgical components will be included. Detailed case studies will allow for the assessment of conversion, as well as providing historical context for the project. The process of National Accreditation as a breast center will be examined [3]. Institutes such as the Maine Medical Center [1], The Breast Center of NW Arkansas [4], Center for Restorative Breast Surgery in New Orleans [5] … Small hospitals offering specialized services will be compared against larger, nationally renowned hospitals, such as the Avon Foundation for Breast Cancer of John Hopkins University [6] to identify patient benefits of utilizing small hospitals, including personalized care and more one-on-one time with physicians [7]. The challenge of small hospital improvement, including benchmarking practices, is necessary for this discussion [9]. A detail of listings that provide directory or advertising services targeted to breast centers will also be included [2]. Physician practices and patterns crucial to implementation of breast cancer treatment have been documented in a number of scholarly journals, and will be included in this analysis [8].
The project deliverable will be a plan appropriate for contemporary small hospitals that provides groundwork for conversion to a specialized treatment center for breast cancer qualifying to receive the breast cancer center of excellence designation, which requires meeting specialized requirements to be discussed in the body of the project [10]. The plan will also be applicable to small hospitals seeking to expand or improve current breast cancer treatment facilities.
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