A Spiritual Transformation Model: Women Leaders In The Local Church Moving Forward Through The Eyes – Thesis Example

Thesis A Spiritual Transformation Model: Women Leaders In The Local Church Moving Forward Through The Eyes Of God In the contemporary environment of globalization and equality, women leaders in the local Church have become important linkages in the spiritual transformation processes within the congregation of the Church goers. Koss-Chioino and Hefner (2006) say that spiritual transformation is ‘dramatic changes in world and self views, purposes, religious beliefs, attitudes or behavior’ (p47). The scope of the thesis includes the study of local Baptist Church of Christ and the adoption of seven step spiritual transformation model by the women leaders. The model facilitates spiritual transformation by incorporating various factors like socio-psychological barriers, relationship building amongst the various elements of society, individual thoughts of leaders, how scripture defines God and his creation etc. which determine the impact of Church in promoting and building social relationships that transcend the border of race, language and culture.
Religion is an intrinsic part of human race and can be easily observed in various formats in their lifestyle. Gender evokes more passionate religious response underlying basic differences and sociologists have maintained that ‘gender is an important consideration for studies of religion because women take more active interest in nearly all forms of religious expressions’ (Dillion, 2004). Bible also teaches that both men and women are made in the image of God and they are equal before Him in their status, dignity and humanity (Gen 1:27). Thus, thesis envisages that women leaders in the Church would serve as role models for the common man. They help them grow spiritually through service to mankind and see the world through His eyes and help them to move forward. (259)
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